Ebola Bye Bye

The main objective of our Ebola Bye Bye project was to provide information to one specific target group: parts of the population that had little or no connection to the Ebola epidemic, and little or no access to the existing (media) campaigns and initiatives. The project provided a technical infrastructure including Pocket FM, specially designed to provide access to information in remote parts of the country.

The Concord Times reported: “Executive Director of Culture Radio, Elijah Gegra, explained that the aim of the training was to strengthen journalists to go back to their communities and continue educating the masses about the dangers of the Ebola virus. The outbreak was declared over November last year after killing more than 4,000 people in the country, but claimed at least one victim this January in Kambia district, northern Sierra Leone. [..] >The project is to capacitate radio journalists to educate and inform people on the Ebola virus, more especially when the virus has devastated the lives of many Sierra Leoneans,< he said.”